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.Saturday, January 30, 2010 @ 11:12 PM Y

Some WOrd of wisdom from Will Smith...

. @ 10:22 PM Y

Hello Prudential ............. for now..

While Ruxin left Prudential, I am Back to Pru... hehehe for a while... i think!!!!!
A few of my colleagues and myself is being seconded to Pru to Kick Start the Project after the bought over of my existing company. We are the so call " 精英" that is being selected to go into the new company first to kick start.[With effect of 1st Feb 2010, there will not be UOB Life Assurance.]
My new reporting office is at Cuppage Starhub center at somerset.. the location wise is good but the spending wise is high.. hehehe..
No matter how i missed the "good life" i have in UOBLA, i know that it is gone forever liao... it might be something good as well. Because as of now, if i really need to leave wherever i am, i can do so readily....

Not too sure what is in store for me, but i will be positive about it...

.Monday, January 25, 2010 @ 10:24 PM Y

Oh Gosh....... I 've been approached by an "Ang Moh"

How it happened was....

Just now after work, I was walking through the tunnel towards Raffles MRT station like any normal days.. Suddenly i heard someone said something.."Are you on you way home after work?" i tot it sounds like one of my male colleague that like to "disturb" me so i answered "yeah" even before i turned to look at the person... and when i turned, i saw it is actually not someone that i know but is an "ang moh".. i was like...so embarrassed !!!

Cut the long story short, we chatted for awhile while walking towards the mrt station, when we reached the entry gate, he asked me if I could give him my contact so that we could keep in touch and we could go out for dinner and catch up ...... he even proceed to ask me out for dinner immediately!!!!... (Sounds familiar... as it happened before.. hahaha.. lol..) Of course i said "No", then he proceed to ask for tmr, wed, thurs or fri... and my straightaway answer to him is "i usually have something on in the evening so i am not free... then i said "why dun you give me your contact and i will contact you when i am free." hahaha.. he wrote down his contact and his email on a card and gave to me...

Anyway He said the reason that he talked to me is that he was walking home as well, and he thought he saw me smiling at him and that I looked liked someone he knows, therefore he chased up to say "hi" to me.. in my heart , i was thinking, i'm so tired why would i smile at you... and even so you should not talked to me through the "walk" of the tunnel, asked for my contact and even asked me if we could keep in touch , knowing that i am not your friend....

Anyway, the claim is that he is from london, a fund manager handling some hedge funds, working at AIA building. and also dun know what else... [hehehe his british accent too strong , some words cannot understand...]

Actually i been approached by "lu ren" ~ strangers before.. (hehehe a bit "pai sei")... but this time round, i have "upgraded" to an ang moh.. i realised that they are more upfront.. and not "shy" in approaching girls, even during busy time like walking on a busy streets with lots of people... hahaha... Ai ya... when i told my mum what happened, she asked to see the Hp number.. .. so that she can buy 4D!!! LOL...

.Wednesday, January 6, 2010 @ 9:26 PM Y

Its Finally signed......

The sale of the company is finally done.... officially i will go back to the 1st company i worked, in 1st Feb!!!! after a big round i will still go back to the company.... tentatively.. hehehe... p.s. cos they might not want to take all the staff.. pray for the best outcome ..... which is that they will operate us as a separate entity so that we can stay intact, if not it will be sayonara to my beloved colleagues soon..............

Got my increment notice, i wanna thank God for His Favor!!! it is considered good for a staff that worked less than a year (i worked for only 8 months).. i think my % increment is the same as some of those that worked for years there.... Thank God for a good appraisal..... i think there will be 1 good news in Feb (ang bao) and 1 more in March (Bonus)... hehehe.. prayerfully that it is gonna be good...

Not worried about my rice bowl! hahahaa... cos i know "All things worked together for the good to those who love God"... i put my trust in Him!!!

Loving forward for new changes in life!!!

.Thursday, December 31, 2009 @ 9:14 PM Y

1 Year passes by so quickly..... its liken a flash of lightning... i still remembered writing my last entry of 2008.. hehehe now is already the last entry of 2009.

looking back this year, there are some goals that i have achieved, some did not ... so i will try again in 2010... gotten my driving license, changed a new job, did not lose weight!!! ai yo, these are some of the things that happened this year... there are so many so many more.. like seeing my good friends getting married, few of them giving births.. ai yo, when did my life enter into this kind of stages?!?!...

This year countdown i will stay at home... i really dun feel like going out, as i grow older, i become less of a party animal.. old liao.. lol!

I believed that 2010 will be a better year for me.. more breakthroughs, more $$$, better health, etc... hmmm... alright liao.,....

Like i say last year.... See you again next year!!!!

.Saturday, December 26, 2009 @ 3:30 PM Y

Its been a looooooog while since i blogged

For more than 2 months i have not been updating my blog.. out of sight out of mind....

hehehehe.... but as the days drew nearer to the end of 2009, i think i should update with one or 2 more entries...

This month is a month of celebrations.. (oh no!!! too much food!!)

18th Dec - CG Christmas celebration @ Emily's

20th Dec - Church Appreciation Night!

21st Dec - Division Celebration (which i am in the organizing committee)

Company D&D @ Hardrock Cafe

24th Dec - Christmas celebration

25th Dec - Christmas Celebration @ Grandma's

26th Dec - Christmas Celebration @ Daniel & Karen's

Gatherings after gatherings...... hahaha but fun lah!..

Lets talk about the company' D&D, we had it at Hard Rock Cafe.. it was fun, every one was very "high" that night, we ate, drink, dance, take photos, etc.. it was hilarious time!

I think this was the best D&D i ever attended so far...

Some pics for your eye pleasure:

This year our door gifts (Present from the company) is a ipod Nano each (a personal one cos all have our names engraved on it).... There is a reason why so "generous", but i shun disclose here...

Received lotsa presents this year (Kept my presents unwrapped, cos wanna open all together), probably i gave out quite a bit as well (esp to colleagues.. lotsa of people.. i prepared 30 over gifts for my colleages in all total of 40-50 gifts.. hole in my pocket.. but still worth it!!!) Its more blessed to give...lol.

This present is voted as the Nicest wrapping i ever received... so cool, the first time i received so nicely wrapped present and its wrapped by a guy... cool!

.Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 10:33 PM Y

What do i like to do when i dun know what to do.............

I was tired after a day of work and when i get home today, there is nothing to "entertain" me, the show on TV is lousy, nothing much on the net.. it is really those days that i really dun know what to do... so what do i do when i dun know know what to do... hmmmm ......

Look at my money collections... Hahaha.. you must be thinking, wow so "eng" ah... or wow so much money ah!!!.. not exactly...

I used to collect money though its not alot... (from other countries or special kind of money), now still do collect special ones, but most of the time i spend them instead of collecting them... LOL

Below are Singapore "old" coins, those that are not usually used but still can be found in the market...

The old coins that i have.. $1, $0.50, $0.20, $0.10 and $0.05....

The Old Singapore $1 coin ... i dun think there is any one that is using this now...

Too bad, 1967 is the oldest in the market Singapore coin that i have... Though you cant really find it anymore..
Some special coins that i have... that is something besides circle in shape...

These are real coins that are used in Singapore donkey years ago.....

Question: Is $0.01 the smallest denomination used in Singapore? The answer is NO...

I think a 1/4 Cents is the smallest.... But right here, i own One 1/2 cents coin...

i dun think the govt will make any 1/4 cents anymore, knowing that alot of singaporean dun even to bother to pick up a 1cents coin on the floor.. anywhere i heard from somewhere that it takes 16 cents to make one 1 cents coin....

On the coin states.. " Commissioners of Currency Malaya #1940# "..... My mum has the quarter cent coin, but she refuses to give it to me....Sigh!

Besides Coins, i also have alittle notes collections>>>>

Theses are the older notes that we used to see, but not so much anymore.. now everything has become plastics....
Like i say, besides Singapore coins, i also collected coins from other countries...
these coins are mainly given to me by my dad when he travels in the past.... these coins holds memories of my dad when he is still around.....

Some special ones:

5 yen from Japan... dun know if they are still using these??? this one look like those ancient "jiao".. hole in the middle to be stringed up...

This super light and plastic like coin is from Zhong Hua Ren Ming Gung He Guo... Republic of China... is Yi Jiao, made in 1997!

All in all, i have coins from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, China, Netherlands, Germany, and even Spain ( the country that i longed to go)... Some i dun even know where they are from....

Like these 2, i cant figure out the writtings on the coin....

Had some notes too....

The notes are fewer......
Notes from Italy, China, Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, USA...
This Note looks like those that people burned.. hahaha... and its from.......
Thats all for today... I am going to count my $$$ Liao!!!!!

.Monday, October 12, 2009 @ 11:13 PM Y

Genting Highlands........ There we went!

Haha... finally got some time and effort to put up this post. as the title goes, last week we went to Genting HIghlands for a few days......... it was also to celebrate my Da ge's birthday which falls on the 7th Oct...

The weather was great - 20 degrees in the noon ..hahaha wonderful!, its the only thing that i enjoyed very much... Not the rides!! you know why? COS i never go to the Theme Park.... Ai yoyo.. all the way there but did not go to the theme park.. you must be wondering is it because I'm scare.. hahaha... nope! Cos my sis, da ge and mum wants to go to their "theme" park (you know lah!), thats why! And i wont'n want to play the rides myself therefore i did not go... sigh!
Therefore, what i did the whole time was being a security guard and their "lucky Star" as they played on the table in the casino... sigh!!!!

Anyway, some photos that are taken (not much though, cos the time that we spend mostly at does not allow photography) :

BTW, the hotel that we stayed was the Resort Hotel - the same one that i stayed at 2 years ago when i went with NGO... NOt much of changes though...

at the hotel lobby

In a van, go for our dinner at the Mushroom Farm.. the food there is nice.

The "favouritest" photo taken in this trip!

Thats all...

.Wednesday, September 30, 2009 @ 9:33 PM Y

Cousin a.k.a godbrother's wedding.............

Recently alot of people getting married, celebrities, friends, etc.. my cousin is one of them...

Last Sat and Sun was my cousin's wedding... It was a joyious occassion for the family. For my Grandma, it was her first grandchild that gotten married..

Saturday was the church wedding, it was held at St Anthony's .... church - a catholic church...

Taken from the Entrance, all the flower arrangements are done personally by my another male cousin- Groom's elder brother.. i can say that he is very good with his hands.........

The 3 flower gals... my cousins.. taking the lead is the youngest one - Adrielle!.. she is only 2 years and 2 months old.. she is bold and fearless...

Conversation between her mummy and her minutes before the march in..
Mummy: Adrielle.. let che che hold your hand and walked in ok?
Adrielle: Nooooo.. i walk myself...

And she walked herself in front of so many people.. and at some point, she stop at the asle to pose for the photographer.. hahaha. so cute!

the couple at the side of the photo

The priest who marries... others but not himself.

the tinted glass... or what do you call it?

On SUNDAY, its the Banquet dinner itself... held at Novotel at Clarke Quay....

In the afternoon, after svc, went to find Willy to make my hair.. she gave me a straight without curls.. and the pleating of my hair... i like the way she does it.. i would never be able to do it.. hahaha... at all!!!!

My Bro, Myself, Dage and Sis...... dress to the nines...........

My family!

The Bibis of the family .. all dressed in their beautiful kebaya....... we wee!!!

My Mummy and Granny!!! in her 80s and still going strong!!!

My Granny and i...

My Godpa - the groom's father

My Godma - the groom's mother

My youngest Aunt - Aunt Linda!

The Couple !
Seeing and attending so many weddings this year cause me to think of this "I want to get marry too!!!" hahaha.. of course must find the groom first!! ... i believe soon.... LOL..

.Monday, September 14, 2009 @ 10:22 PM Y

I had a dream.............

These few weeks have been busy at work, the next few too!
Company having his UAT System testing and i'm involved too..
Tired, stress but happy too!

Hahaha.. rhyming words..You(3) Ya (1) Yun (4)..lol..

anyway, its not a complain blog.. I wondered if i had shared with any of you during the weekend...

Few days ago, i had a dream.... In my dream, i dreamt that someone in my family which i dun know who adopted 2 children.. the "me" in the dream, very vividly is someone who never plays or bothers with the 2 children, then 1 day i saw 3 child(including the 2 adopted childrens) sleeping in a bathtub showroom at level 4 of a shopping center, i walked pass them and i was at level 1. Then all of a sudden, i saw the bathtubs at level 4 tumber down to level 1.. i was Shocked!!! i ran like never before to the area, where the crash happens and when i saw the 2 kid, i hugged them and cry like never before... my cries are liken those that are super duper loud and dramatic... then i woke up...

you guys must be thinking that i am so wu (2) liao (2) to write this nonsensical dream here.. hahaha.. it did not just stop here....the main point is not the dream, the main point is this... After i woke up and head to wash my face - i saw my face in the mirror, i had 2 puffy swollen eyes.... those that you would get after you cried hard the previous night.... I reckon that i might have really cried.. hahaha.. Do you think so?

anyone have such experience before - "crying" in the sleep??

BTW, when i put on my make up, i could hardly draw my eyeliner, cos the whole eye lid is like puff up... ahahahha..

.Sunday, August 30, 2009 @ 10:11 PM Y

Warning.... Its a long Blog.....

Dear Blog Readers, you might think that how come my blog "dieded".. ya... sort of .. cos besides being "busy" .. ya.. lazy, i faced the problem of the blog post not loading, therefore i very sian to blog..hahaha but Thanks to Ruxin, she solve my problem... hehehe. so ta da !!!!!

Event 1: AT SIBU ISLAND RESORT - 8th-10th August...
Went to Sibu Island for a short vacation during the National Day long weekend..its a nice place for a short trip.. 5 star resort.. quite good service, the staff knows you personally, etc..

We planned very last min - On Monday night , talked to my sis on what to do for the long weekend, so she decides to go and visit the travel agency the next day. On Tuesday, she went to the agency, wednesday, she confirms the booking and told me about it, Thursday i went to collect my passport at the ICA building, very funny episode took place on Thursday night...
Conversation on the phone with my sis on thursdat night:
Me: "Da Jie, on Sat we confirm going to Cebu hor?"

Sis: "ya la.. Book liao le"

Me: "So how are we going? where do i meet you?"
Sis: "i will come and pick you early in the morning and we will drive in to malaysia then after we will take a ferry there.."

Me: in my heart i was thinking { wa.. have to take ferry to Cebu.. how long will it take?? i "yun cheung" leh.. we only have 3 days, will we be spending most of our time travelling? xiong ah..} i dare not say out what i'm thinking afraid that my sis will niao me... so i kept quiet...

Me: "so how much pesos are you changing?"

Sis: "no lah, i am not changing pesos, Sibu use ringgit.."

Me: "No... Philippines uses pesos one leh, not ringgit!"

Sis: "who says we are going philippines?"

Me: " but we are going Cebu mah, Cebu is in Philippines!"
SIS: Burst into laughter... "we are going SIBU, Sibu island resort!"
Me: "Diao....."
Lol.. thinking back about the whole episode, it was funny.. teaches me one thing.. always find out clearly where you are going and not just "ching chai" loh.. hahaha

Below are some pics:

The Look of the Resort - Kampung Style.. where the deers and peacock roam freely...
First Night - at Dinner..
Breakfast - Day 2 Before we go for out snorekling and flying fish!

one of the island for snorkeling
My sis and i
For the rest of the pics, you can see in Facebook!... go and see hor.. very nice de! LOL....

Event 2: My Birthday Celebration on the 22th August 2009

Thank you guys for taking the effort and making the time to celebrate with me.. i really enjoyed myself and thanks for the presents.. i like !!!

at "Na Na" Thai Restaurant

Taken with the one of the greatest group of people around!

dun know why, we are so crazy in doing this "shocked" expression.. lol...

Making a bdae wish.. " God, I wish for a Real man!" lol...

After Ben & Jerry at Demsey's, we headed to Dragonfly @ St James... for a 2nd celebration with my sis and friends...

"mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.." the mirror says.. "Audrey is the fairest of them all"

My sis and i .. from the same factory ... do we look alike?

planting kisses on me...

For the rest of the pics, please go to facebook ok? OK!

Alot of great happening in between... but very tired liao now.. will continue hopefully soon... lol...


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